It was a busy week at the 2014 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (hosted by Grand Valley State University) for the Group: three talks, a poster, a workshop, and organization of two symposium...

Presentations (*denotes Raker Research Group members)

  • “I’ve seen this before”: The role of recognition in undergraduate-level organic chemistry problem solving (Benjamin R. Van Norman*, Marcy H. Towns, & Jeffrey R. Raker*)

  • Predicting the products and mechanisms of the glycolysis process: An exploratory study of the impact of prior knowledge on student performance in biochemistry (Benjamin R. Van Norman* & Jeffrey R. Raker*)

  • Student perceptions of a project-based organic chemistry laboratory (Suazette Mooring, Nikita Burrows, & Jeffrey R. Raker*)

  • What is taught in Inorganic Chemistry? A survey of the field (Barbara A. Reisner & Jeffrey R. Raker*)

Symposia Organized (*denotes Raker Research Group members)

  • Argumentation in the K – 16 Chemistry Curriculum (Jeffrey R. Raker* & Nicole M. Becker; half day)
  •  Biochemistry Education: Discussion of the Laboratory Environment (Kimberly J. Linenberger & Jeffrey R. Raker*; full day) 

Workshop Organized (*denotes Raker Research Group members)

  • The Future of the General, Organic, Biochemistry Course Sequence: An Ideas Lab Workshop for Responding to Upcoming MCAT Changes (Jeffrey R. Raker* & LaKeisha McClary; half day)

Ben Van Norman presenting his poster on Tuesday evening.

Ben Van Norman presenting his poster on Tuesday evening.

AuthorJeff Raker