Rebecca Gibbons has published work on the prevalence of clicker use in postsecondary chemistry education based on survey data from 1,282 faculty.

Abstract: "Research on classroom response systems (CRSs) in chemical education has primarily focused on the development of evidence-based strategies for implementation and novel practitioner uses of CRSs in instructional practice. Our national survey of postsecondary chemistry faculty extends these discussions, providing a broad-based understanding of the current state of CRS use in classrooms in the United States. Our results indicate a particular contextual profile for those who have adopted such technology. This profile indicates the unique environment in which faculty members are more likely to report using CRSs, specifically, large courses at the introductory or foundation course level. Some have suggested that CRSs will become universal in chemical education; we note that a niche market has been found."

Gibbons, R. E., Laga, E. E., Leon, J., Villafañe, S. M., Stains, M., Murphy, K., & Raker, J. R. (2017). Chasm crossed? Clicker use in postsecondary chemistry educationJournal of Chemical Education, 94(5), 549-557.

AuthorJeff Raker