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Dr. Raker has published work on measuring achievement emotions in the context of postsecondary organic chemistry courses.

Abstract: "Affect is associated with success and persistence in STEM courses and degree programs. Measurement tools that produce valid and reliable data are essential to capturing the impact of evidenced‐based instructional practices and reformed curricula on learning. We report the development of the Achievement Emotions Questionnaire for use in postsecondary organic chemistry courses (AEQ‐OCHEM). Instrument development was based on the control‐value theory of achievement emotions and included a revision of the seminal Achievement Emotions Questionnaire (AEQ) used to measure institutional‐level learning. A thorough psychometric evaluation of the AEQ‐OCHEM was conducted including alternative measurement models and an extensive investigation of the nomological framework. All AEQ‐OCHEM subscales were determined to be coherent and distinct. Implications for future research using the AEQ‐OCHEM are offered. A call for the development of more discipline‐ and course‐based instruments is made. Finally, tools that measure achievement emotions in the context of instructional laboratories and undergraduate research are needed for more robust considerations of affect in STEM contexts."

Raker, J. R., Gibbons, R. E., Cruz, D. (2018). Development and evaluation of the organic chemistry‐specific achievement emotions questionnaire (AEQ‐OCHEM). Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

AuthorJeff Raker